Live Passionately

21 years old, living my life with the best intentions.

Just because you’ve gotten yourself into the relationship doesn’t mean you should stop what you did beforehand to attract her heart. The hugs, the kisses, the messages, the conversations, memorizing the things she likes, listening to her, wanting to be with her every chance you get, needing her to be the one you wake up to in the morning. Those were some of the things that made her chose to stay, that made her decide you were worth the time. It made her feel wanted, appreciated, acknowledged. If you stop doing the simple things that mean the most, what reason does she have to stay?

The beginning.

The beginning.

Feeling motivated than ever before. Patience is key. I can do this.

You know, it’s hard for me to put myself out there. Everyone knew I was seen to be independent. I learned to fend for myself and I liked it that way. My walls were high and indestructible. I was fearless. No one else to care for, nothing to worry about. Things were just right. Being selfish was okay with me. 

Then you came along and changed that. I slowly let my walls down and let you in. But you know, these are times I miss being single.

I miss that. I loved that feeling. I don’t have time to worry about what could go wrong. I don’t have time to worry if someone is doing me wrong. I don’t want to make time for that. I’m a strong person. And I shouldn’t have to deal with these dramatic feelings. I shouldn’t have to go through these emotional roller-coasters, shedding ridiculous tears on unnecessary circumstances.

I have been blessed with an incredible family and have been lucky to have met the best friends in the world. I have everything in the world to make me happy.

When I love, I tend to love hard. And if anyone dares or wants to throw my love away, I won’t fight. There’s no room for tears. You know why? Because in the end, I’m not the one losing anything because I started off with everything from the beginning. That person is the one to lose such an amazing woman. And I promise you that.

In the end, it will hurt more than it’s suppose to. But know I’ll always be just fine. 


Starting a new concept with this blog…. starting now. <3

Day 39

"I wanna believe in everything that you say,
‘Cause it sounds so good.
But if you really want me, move slow.
There’s things about me you just have to know.
Sometimes I run.
Sometimes I hide.
Sometimes I’m scared of you.
Baby all I need is time.”

Day 36

I promise I’m not as complicated as I seem to be. I promise I don’t have as high expectations as people assume of me. I may not know exactly what I want but I know what does and doesn’t feel right.

I feel like a really bad person, but there was no easy way.
I’m sorry.

Day 35

I guess the truth isn’t always the easiest thing to tell.

Day 32

Since kindergarten, why were we always taught to be nice when as we grow older, people constantly try stepping on us on our way up?

Day 31

My stomach has been doing cartwheels all day and my heartbeats seems irregular nowadays … I’m going to take the initiative to go to the doctor’s on Friday. I’ve been avoiding it but I’m worried for my health.